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Prior Authorization Experts


Making Verification & Pre-Authorization Services Simple

At Strategic Office Solutions, we recognize that one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks that medical professionals face is eligibility and benefits verification along with the prior authorization process. The process can interfere and ultimately destroy workflows, consume internal resources, and bog down the medical billing process. This wastes hours of time for both you and your patients.

How do you overcome the hurdles of verification and authorization backlogs? 

It's simple. Hire Strategic Office Solutions and work with our experienced experts who can ease the burden, assist with insurance authorization, and allow you to remain focused on delivery of care!

Pre-Cert Demo

SOS is a Leading Provider Of Prior Authorization

Strategic Office Solutions is a leading provider of prior authorization processes and services for hospitals, ambulatory practices, and ancillary healthcare service providers across the country. With benchmarked best practices and years of experience, our specialists work with insurance payers on your behalf, allowing you to stay focused on patients – not paperwork. To learn more about our precert and insurance authorization services simply request a free demo today to get started! 

Schedule a FREE demo and take the next steps today!

Are You Ready To Improve Your Billing Process?

Health insurance processes can make medical billing an annoying, overwhelming part of running a medical practice. Our experienced team of pre-certification specialists does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on why you got into medicine to begin with: your patients.


What We Do:  

  • Initiate insurance prior-authorization requests.

  • Track each request to approval.

  • Provide additional information and appeals for you. 

  • Update your records through our secure, HIPAA-compliant portal. 

  • Free up your time since we handle the pre-cert process from start to finish.

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