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Increase Revenue


Increase Revenue

Understand your cost per patient. Evaluate all current expenses, income and effectively plan for the future. Every dollar counts.

Today more than ever, competition is fierce - not to mention the new way of providing care. Increasing operating costs, reduction in reimbursements, challenging healthcare guidelines, soaring advertising costs, and trying to keep up with the latest and the greatest technology. What works best - FOR YOU?

SOS can help you refine and update your collection strategies, renegotiate contracts and build a stronger brand. Discover how your existing patients and staff can generate new patients at no cost - just by sharing their success. Let’s find your niche and fill it.

  • AR/AP, Billing & Collections

  • Maximizing Services Reimbursement

  • Insurance Credentialing

  • Insurance Contract Negotiation

  • Vendor Negotiation

  • Payroll Liaison

  • Reducing Overhead Expenses

  • Identifying New Revenue Sources

  • Out with the Old… In with the New Services

  • Target, Attract and Retain Ideal Patients

  • Improve Online Presence: Website Design

  • Social Media Marketing, SEO

  • Reputation and Reviews

  • Print, Radio and TV Marketing

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